Center For Oral History and Social Memory

About Us

The aim of Center for Oral History and Social Memory Studies is to contribute to the writing process of the history of modern Turkey by revealing the histories of consciously or unconsciously ignored and marginalized subjects. By focusing on the histories of religious, ethnic, ideological, economical, professional and social groups, it aims to document unknown aspects of formal and informal institutions, settlements and architectural structures, the commercial companies and businesses.

Within the scope of COHMES, oral history projects, workshops, lectures and witness seminars will reveal, record and archive the individual and collective experiences that constitute diverse colors and the pluralistic structure of Turkey. The center aims to build bridges between the past, present, and future generations in order to eliminate disconnections/gaps in contemporary histories.

Areas of Activity 

  1.  Contributing to the undergraduate and graduate education,
  2. Doing oral history projects that related to different themes (economics, business administration, law, politics, religion, architecture, memory, etc.) on the modern history Turkey and Middle East in the larger context,
  3. Playing a role in transformation of the writing of modern Turkish history into a more democratic and dynamic process by presenting different unheard voices and stories.
  4. Making modest contributions to curriculums, books and other course materials used in education on the history of Modern Turkey.
  5. Crafting an oral history and social memory archive within the center which will be the first one that is based in a University campus in Turkey,
  6. Engaging in activities and projects with other departments and institutions from other universities within the framework of the center.
  7. Organizing meetings, workshops, national or international symposiums etc.  and to share the results and outcomes with stakeholders and larger public through visual, printed or electronic media sources.

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