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The Oral History and Social Memory Application and Research Center contributes to the process of writing the history of modern Turkey. Oral history studies carried out in SÖZMER, projects, lectures and training seminars Turkey with different colors and pluralistic structure forming individual and extraction face the collective life of the day, take record archiving, history aims to establish present and future history and memory include hyperlinks to expenses disconnection

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Center for Oral History and Social Memory Studies

The purpose of the center (COHSM); is to unearth the histories of the issues; religious, ethnic, ideological, economic, professional and social groups and institutions; formal and informal institutions; settlements and architectural structures as well as commercial companies, thus contributing to the historiography of the modern Turkey. COHSM, with the oral history studies, projects, courses and training seminars to be carried out under its umbrella, aims at unearthing, recording and archiving individual and collective lives forming different colors and pluralist structure of Turkey, as well as at bridging the histories and memories of past, today and future.

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